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Discover More about Czech Republic

Europe is one of the biggest continents of the world. It consists of a large number of countries which are known to be the most progressive and richest ones across the globe. One of the European countries known by many is Czech Republic. You have come to the right place if you are looking for more information about this country. Read on to find the answers to all of your questions.


Czech Republic is the landlocked country that is located in Central Europe and is bounded by Germany from its northwest side down to the west. In the south of this country, you will find Austria while Slovakia is on the east and on the northeast, you will find Poland. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague which has a total population of 1.3 million. This country also includes the territories of Moravia and Bohemia which are both known for having a rich history. The same case is with Czech Silesia.

The state was established in the late ninth century while the Duchy of Bohemia was under the rule of Great Moravian Empire. The said empire fell in 907 and the center of power and influence over the state was transferred to Bohemia under the Premyslids. In year 1004, the duchy was officially recognized as a part of the Holy Roman Empire, which turned to be the Kingdom of Bohemia in year 1212 and reached its largest territorial extent during the 14th century.

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Czech Republic is one of the developed countries in Europe, having its advanced and high income economy, people who live there practice high cost of living.

Politics in Czech Republic

This country is the pluralist multi-party parliamentary representative democracy and it comes with a Prime Minister who acts as the government’s head. The parliament is bicameral coming with a Hall of Deputies with its Senate. From the year 1993 until 2012, the President of this country was chosen through a parliament’s joint session for a 5-year term with no over 2 consecutive terms. In 2013, the presidential election was direct and the president is the formal state’s head having restricted specific powers.

The president is also responsible for appointing the prime minister and the other important cabinet members on a proposal to be offered by a prime minister. Starting 2013 until these days, the president of the country is chosen and elected by public and not the parliament. The first president of Czech Republic was Milos Zeman.

A prime minister, as the government’s chief executive, wields huge powers and these include the privilege for setting the agenda for most domestic and foreign policy, assemble the parliamentary majority, and select the ministers of the government. All the members of the Chamber of Deputies will be chosen and elected for a 4-year term by the proportional representation with five percent of election threshold. There are fourteen voting districts, the same with the administrative areas of the country.


Czech Republic is lying between the latitudes 48 degrees and 51 degrees north and longitudes 12 degrees and 19 degrees east. The landscape of this country is exceedingly different. In the west, there is Bohemia where there is a basin drained by Elbe and the famous Vltava rivers and is bordered by most low mountains. The country’s highest point, Snezka at 1,602 m is situated there. In the east, you find Moravia which is also hilly. This is mainly drained by the Morava River yet it also comes with the source of Oder River.

This country comes with a moderate continental climate, coming with hot summer and cold, snowy and cloudy winters. The difference of temperature between the winter and summer season is very high and that is because of the landlocked geographical position.

In Czech Republic, the temperatures differ greatly and it depends on the elevation. Generally, at better altitudes, the temperature decreases and the precipitation increases. Also, the wettest region in this country is located in Bily Potok in Jizera Mountains while the eldest area is known as the Louny District that can be found in the northwest part of Prague. Another crucial factor here is the position of the mountains which make the climate even more varied.

In the Snezka’s highest peak, the normal temperature will be just -0.4 degree Celsius or 31 degrees Fahrenheit. In the lowlands of Moravian, in the south of it, the normal temperature will be as high as 10 degree Celsius. The capital of Czech Republic comes with the same average temperature though it is also influenced by some urban factors.

When the month of January comes in, the weather will be coldest until the month of February. The cool weather starts when the month of December kicks in. In these months, there will be snow within the mountains and sometimes, within the lowlands and major cities of the country. During the months of March, April & May, the temperature will increase rapidly, particularly the month of April. Spring is likewise distinguished by high levels of the water within the rivers and that is because of the melting snow with infrequent flooding.

The climate tends to be at its warmest during the months of June, July and August. Autumn season starts in September that remains to be relatively dry and warm. When the month of October starts, temperature will start to fall under 15 degree Celsius and the deciduous trees will start losing their leaves. When the month of November is about to end, the temperature will typically range about the freezing point.


Czech Republic is also one of the most visited countries in Europe when the summer time and holidays come in. This country is likewise known for its different museums, very famous marionettes and puppetry exhibits with different puppet festivals that are conducted all over the country.

Czech Republic is a good place to visit anytime of the year. Most people who visit Europe drop by in this country where there are many places and things to see. You may do a research to learn more about this country.